Social Media for Active Citizens in Sinop(TR)

From 14-22 March we took part in the Training Course “Social Media for Active Citizens” in Sinop, Turkey. The training project was developed based on the key premises:

• Social media offers a lot of space for creativity, invention and imagination in developing youth led projects
• It is difficult to convince young people to disconnect and come offline, hence youth leaders might learn how to use social media to engage young people
• Active participation of young people is always in need for new initiatives and creative approaches and social networks are a field to be explored

The main aim of the project is to develop competencies of youth workers to support active citizenship of young people in community contexts through use of social media tools and methodologies.

The project has two main themes: Active participation of young people and Social media.
its main objectives are:
• To explore active citizenship from participants own experience and the resources and opportunities available to address issues of concern through democratic, civil and civic engagement
• To explore possibilities for utilization of social media for youth activism
• To reflect on non-formal education and its methods and their applicability within social networks
• To develop creative and attractive ways to apply social media for youth activism, with a special emphasis on civic engagement
• To identify local opportunities for community engagement and to design and develop an action plan for use of social media in the local context.
It has three learning phases: Preparation through e-learning; 8 day long residential TC in Sinop; Follow-up through e-learning. Methodology used in all phases is based on active participation and experiential non formal education methods, framed by the core intercultural learning process.

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