2nd Meeting in Thessaloniki_Diary

Tuesday 6th May

Participants arrived in Thessaloniki from Germany, Turkey and UK. The participants had a chance to do some sight seeing and take in the sights. In the evening they were welcomed by the participants from Thessaloniki and everyone went to a local restaurant for dinner.

Wednesday 7th May

Participants arrived from Finland and Denmark. This day was free for the participants to do more sight seeing. The official launch of the project took place in the evening at the Oikopolis centre where the participants chose which group they wanted to be part of. The groups were: Steering (Project leaders), testing, inclusion, unemployment and making of groups. Participants socialised and networked during the evening meal at another of Thessaloniki’s delightlful restaurants.

group1Thursday 8th May

The groups began working on their individual projects:
Steering group: Reviewing what each group is doing. Reviewing and polishing the curriculum for Bennohaus in relation to film/TV, radio and web. Planning for the next event in Turkey.
Testing group: Testing the curriculum with a small group of learners who were learning about the concepts of film making including using a video camera, shot composition, sound recording and editing. In the afternoon the students took to the streets of Thessaloniki to shoot video footage.
Unemployment group: Making a short film about unemployment in Greece. An interview with a local entrepeneur who has set up a social enterprise in Thessaloniki and is creating employment opportunities for others.
Inclusion group: Making a short film about inclusion and issues for imigrants in Thessaloniki. An interview with a Syrian migrant living in Thessaloniki.
Making of groups (Making of film, making of photos, making of web): Observed the groups and documented their progress on film, photos and on the website.
The day ended with dinner at another Thessaloniki restaurant.

Friday 9th May

The groups continued their projects, finishing films and preparing the final products which were presented to the whole group of participants at the final presentation in the evening. This marked the end of the project and the groups had a final evening meal together, wishing each other farewell until the next meeting in Turkey.

Post by Media Terra Νea.

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