Inclusion in Thessaloniki

There are a lot of NGO’s active in the field of inclusion, sustainability and social support around the city center. During the meeting the „Inclusion group“ was producing a small report on inclusion in Thessaloniki. Therefore they visited the Refugee Home and had an interview with a resident of the house from Syria. “Refugee inclusion in Thessaloniki” was conducted during “Social and Community Media for Inclusion and Employability”, 6-10th may 2014. The team visited a refugee house in the city and had interview with syrian asylum seekers. Arabic and kurdish are the languages carried out in the video, followed by danish and english translation. Through this experience the group had the chance to see first hand the heartship and problems theese refugees have to go through and how included or not they feel in Greece.


“UN only shows up when media is present, when we need their help they are not present. It’s like they don’t exist. And the Greek government doesn’t help us. But of course we are thankful because they accepted us even if we came illegally to their country. Personally I respect the Greeks because they are very kind and try to help us. Unfortunately the Greek asylum law is not good enough.” (Abu Hadir)

Refugees House in Thessaloniki from MediaTerraNea on Vimeo.

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