Team Up for Global Health

Team Up for Global Health is a youth exchange about promoting global health awareness through performance and media.

Global health is about worldwide health improvement, reduction of disparities, and protection against global threats that disregard national borders.

The organisers, BUKO Pharma-Kampagne ( is one of the few organisations in Germany that has a critical look at the dark side of the drug market in the North and in the South. It supports the human right to healthy living conditions and also discusses the negative repercussions of economic globalisation.

They work closely with health and consumer groups all over the world. Together with their international partners they managed to reveal many risks to health resulting in major improvements to healthcare policy in recent years.

Now, in cooperation with 4 other NGO’s from EU (NL/ GR/ RO/ ES) they are organising the Team Up for Global Health youth exchange in Bielefeld (DE) at 24/8-3/9.

24 youngsters from various EU countries have been empowered with essential media & communication skills in order to deliver the message to the European Community about the health topic they have researched.

In the 10-day media workshop participants gained insight not only on the subject of global health, but also of ways of promoting it through media.

This project was a European training for raising awareness towards problematic health situations in the world, specifically in Uganda and the way they are approached by pharmaceutical companies and the current medical system.

We chose to deliver our message using art – in the form of a street thetre aroung Germany and a set of media productions for explain and illustrate the facts we have learnt about, concerning the topic of global health.

 Political activism through media is an opportunity to pave the way towards global health.

Your voice is important!

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