Who is afraid of democracy? Plus a view from the far north

After our PM Alexis Tsipras declared that he is asking the greek people to eventually decide on if they accept the “troica’s” plan – the exact same failed plan that has pushed our country into deeper reccession for the past 5 years –   there is a strong opposition to this idea. Some people -and more importantly, the same politicians that brought us to this place, alongside with an orchestrated support by mainstream media –  reject the referendum as anti-democratic measure. Seriously? Seriously???

What is unfolding in front of our (suspecting) eyes is the stripping down of a corrupt elite establishment, that want to keep the existing status quo – in any means necessary. Disregarding people’s will, well-being, basic civil rights, disregarding democracy itself.

Olafur Grimsson, President od Iceland explains how back in 2010 the citizens of the country managed to save their own future – refusing to save the banks.

He himself, after listening to the public opinion – and in contrast to the then elected government – decided that he would not sign an Act of Parliament (a.k.a. Icesave bill) that would mortage his country’s future. Instead he took the difficult decision to let his fellow citizens decide democratically.

“…After all what is the relationship between democracy on one hand and financial markets on the other? There was the prevailing assumption…that somehow the financial markets should be supreme, but we faced a tough challenge –  to decide: is the democratic will of the people more important than the forces in the financial markets?”

The forementioned Act was widely defeated, with 98% voting against it. Since then, the country is undertaking reforms and restructure, and is now out of the financial crisis vortex.

His short case study speech can be utilized as a lesson for our fellow greeks today. Please watch and share.

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