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9/2013 –9/2015

Lifelong Learning Programme _ Grundtvig Learning Partnership

A long tem project about forming a working methodology for people with fewer opportunities on how to use social and community media in order to enhance their social inclusion and employability

DE_ AKO Bürgerhaus Bennohaus e.V.
DK_ Gellerup Radio og TV
TR_ Youth A.R.T
GR_ MediaTerraNea Non-Profit Organization
GB_ Sheffield Independent Film and TV Limited

The learning partnership contributes to the successful inclusion of immigrants and their active participation in lifelong learning. New ICT, language and communication skills as well as active citizenship education will empower adults with migration backgrounds to participate more in society and to act successfully on the labor market. The project will compile best practices and innovative methods for multipliers and docents in adult education on how to improve inclusion, active citizenship and digital media competences of immigrants. Related to practice in community media and web-TV tools the project will familiarise training staff with action orientated methods of non formal learning and how to use digital media communication for the empowerment of the creativity and main key competencies of citizens with migration backgrounds. These methods will be implemented later on into non-formal adult education in cooperation with migrant NGOs, civil society organizations and partner networks to improve key competencies of citizens with migration background in Europe. Trainees and trainers will acquire skills and knowledge how to engage adult learners in creative digital media and encourage also their engagement for representative democracy. During this period the following outcomes will be developed:
• Analysis of current status of best practise of partners and stakeholder analysis.
• Reports of the situation in the partner countries.
• Draft of non formal media and communication training concept and guidelines for the target group immigrants.
• Social & community media practice workshops with immigrants on partners’ national level
• Description of learning outcomes of social and community media training for the development of a recognition concept for trainees and how to develop individual competence portfolio
• Installing website of thematic networking for “Social & Community Media for Inclusion and Employability”

72 International learning mobilities
More than 265 people trained internationally
3 new training curricula developed
I Web Platform

wednesday – Kick off

Posted by Media Terra Νea on Wednesday, 14 May 2014


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