“Animate Yourself” TC

MediaTerraNea took part in the youth workers’ and educators’ training “Animate Yourself” in the Romanian village Durau, including a practice in the orphanage of the town of Piatra-Neamt in the historical Moldavia (which is much bigger than the modern state with the same name – there is a good lesson to our Macedonian patriots).

Together with youth workers and educators from 15 countries of Europe, Middle East and North-Africa, and also with representatives of 2 other Greek organizations, MediaTerraNea shared its experience and acquired a new “know-how” in the field of non-formal education and social animation, which is a new branch of our activities since the last year, complementary to our usual media literacy trainings. With the help of our talented Romanian trainers – Adrian and Elizabeth, we learned a lot of “game methods” knowledge to be used with children in pedagogical, solidarity-team-building and self-understanding processes, and we analyzed the educator’s frequent errors.

The best moment was a practical work, organized by the CREED-Romania activists Simona and Alexandra in “Elena Doamna” orphanage, where we got a chance to apply our skills to real children, resulting in happiness for both sides! The only complain of this rich experience is that more time should be dedicated to this practice with orphans, because nothing compares to a real work with real people – but I’m sure that everyone of us, participants, is going to apply in her/his country all the skills we learned during this training.

by Mikhail Kazanski

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