Just another day of Greeks, Syrians, Kurds -and many others – singing and dancing together at the borders….

Sunday 8/11/2015 –  Idomeni borderline crossing

Reporting on an amazing concert – in under 5’


Just another day of Greek Pontians, Syrians, Kurds, Iraqis (and others) dancing together at the borderline camp

That afternoon was busier than normal – according to the regulars (1). After a 48hour seamens’ strike was over, thousands  of people have been moving towards the borders today. The place was bursting in a radius of kilometers.

The event organised by the Thessaloniki Civil Ιnitiative “Crossing the borders” brought together Greek Pontian and Syrian musicians in solidarity with refugees and migrants. And there, between emergency tents we confirmed what we already know: music is magical – and bears a transformative quality. Strange things happen – creating an almost alternate reality. And allows for “the naturalness of reactions, the simplicity of gestures, the unaffected expression of feelings”(2)  to unfold. Just one song can bring you home.

The footage and audio is basically crappy. Had it been any other event, I would choose not to work on them. No production planned – I was there in another engagement. Shaky hands, cause the air was thick, and I was overexcited and deeply touched.

“If you listen to singing, go… Bad people do not sing”

But I had to share it. This small event succeded in providing a shot of humanity, short and valuable like a breath of fresh air. We shared optimism – gave and received – even just for a little while. For a few unprecedented moments we had the joy and privillege to share the steps with the people that pass through this land in search for a better future up north.

With just a song for the way, στο καλό!

[PS]: On that day it is estimated that more than 7000 refugees and migrants passed through the borderline in Idomeni]

(1): The regulars, meaning NGO’s, police, volunteers and socially sensitive people who make up this new random anthropogeography in the north border of Greece, outside the small village of Idomeni. And although anyway what is normal, is another big subject…

(2)  taken from “We Refugees” by Hannah Arendt

related video from National Broadcaster (ET3) can be watched here.

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