What a gift:-)

We recently concluded the local Youth Initiative in the framework of FaceUp project (YiA 4.6). Our tainers and volunteers worked with the youth group of FAROS in Dendropotamos, on the outskirts of Thessaloniki. In a 40 hours intensive workshop, they developed the GIF-T Media group, as the first ever youth media team of Dendropotamos.

slideshowGIF_Tmedia from MediaTerraNea on Vimeo.

The workshop was demanding but also fun – the process was challenging and the result more than rewarding! The young participants were motivated and full of ideas. They produced many short movies – both in the context of practice workshops, as well as in a final group project.

Photos of the workshops here

Our great experience during the media training we shared with the amazing youth of Dendropotamos in Thessaloniki….

Posted by MediaTerraΝea on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Some of the films produced:

> NO WAY by Fil Productions

No Way from MediaTerraNea on Vimeo.

> FILMATORS IN FAROS by The Filmators

Oι Filmators στο Φάρο from MediaTerraNea on Vimeo.

> BRIGHT SPOTS by Gipsy Halara

Bright spots of dendropotamos / gypsy halarateam – GIF-T media from MediaTerraNea on Vimeo.

More photos of the presentation event

Some last preparations and the final presentation of GIF-T Media videos produced during the media training in…

Posted by MediaTerraΝea on Sunday, 13 December 2015

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