Media Literacy in Struga

How a media message is created?

Can you recognize what is the message that the creator wants you to believe?

How can you identify the misinformation and the lies?

And finally, how can you use media platforms in order to distribute your own message?

These are the main topics that we worked on, in the “Media literacy: Step to inclusive society” training course that took place in Struga, F.Y.R. of Macedonia at 30/10-7/11. All it took was 27 people from 8 different countries, with unlimited willingness to learn something new and lots of positive energy

For 7 days we stayed in a hotel right next to a beautiful lake, and through games,
workshops, experiential exercises, special guests’ visits and other non formal education activities, we were educated on media literacy, learned how to recognize fake news, how to check the reliability of an article, and even created our own campaigns.

Okay, not everything was about education. We had fun too! We had themed parties for each country with traditional food and drinks. We had movie night and nights out in the city and (my favorite part) at the free day we explored the magical town of Ohrid.

But the most important part of this project was that 27 personalities got to know each other, came close, shared views and experiences, learned more about each other’s countries broke some stereotypes or strengthened others, laughed a lot (A LOT!!), and created memories that will probably last a lifetime.

It was a unique experience. Cliché, I know, but true.

By Rania Natsopoulou

Thanks for the additional photos: Hassania Bendriss Bounnouh‎, Svend-Åge Ekberg‎ and Thomas Stenberg

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