Sharing of LOMBTO Results

Life is always about learning and sharing the gained knowledge. Followin41822490_1090863247735012_2792155301371969536_ng this principle we organized two local events in which we promoted all the experience and knowledge we acquired after actively taking part in the LESS OPPORTUNITIES + MEDIA TOOLS = BETTER OPPORTUNITIES ERASMUS+ ACTION. For the events we want to thank especially the FAROS Foundation which hosted us in the Dendropotamos region of Thessaloniki at 18.09.2018 and of course ANTIGONE NGO for its assistance in the second event 27.09.2018.

Both Events were special for us and come out to be very productive too.The schedule was divided in three parts. Firstly we informed participants about Erasmus+ opportunities and tried to motivate them to go one step out of their comfort zone and take the decision to finally use the upper mentioned for their own development.We talked about learning mobillities , Erasmus Voluntary Service and of course we didn’t skip to mention the Erasmus You42608093_309822063153694_7185167299056238592_nng Entrepreneurs Program.Participants were really interested and were asking a lot of questions.

The second part included experienced based sharing of media tools knowledge.Especially, the teens of Faros showed particular interest in the Kahoot quiz game.Furthermore , they wanted to introduce it as an tool in their schools and we are sure that they are gonna use it again.Also an idea come up to help them building up a Kahoot quiz,the first ever of its kind globally.41925226_250046842378038_9065274569861890048_n


At the last stage , at both events we wanted to give to participants apart from  food for thought also refreshment , treats and a promise to meet again in a new and exciting international learning event.


The MediaTerraNea Team

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