Because Vote is Hope | a youth exchange story

During the dates 06-15 of March 2019 the Erasmus+ Project with the title “You(th) Should Vote” was held in Buzau in southeastern Romania. There were participants from 7 differents countries, including Italy, Spain Latvia, Romania, Greece, Lithuania and Estonia.


It was a Youth Exchange that brought youngsters together to discuss and learn from each other about voting and its assets all around Europe. Through the activities, the debates and the trips to the nature, the project was both entertaining and constructive.


For majority of the participants of this project, it was a really pleasuring and positive experience that made us come closer and explore the different cultures of each other. As far as the technical part of project is concerned, everything was really well organized and its topic and schedule very interesting. A beautiful experience with many smiles and good company!

We would like to thank Tolea for this great Experience and of course the Greek Team which represented us amazingly.

During the Project we created several videos spots in order to promote Voting.


Hope you will enjoy watching them!!

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