Mediaterranea disseminates the empowering women project

When we first agreed to sign the contract in order to take part in the Empowering Women project  , nobody could imagine the difficulties that we would experience during the implementation phase.

Earthquakes and the covid epidemy turned the Empowering Women project into a big challenge for all the partners. Within those conditions, we achieved not only to implement the mobillities( Kick off meeting , Training of Trainers and Youth Exchange) but also to disseminate the project outcomes in terms of our local activities.

Three local workshops were implemented by Mediaterranea  in three different cities with 42 direct attendees and over 200 youngsters who were influenced indirectly.

At 12th October 2020 , our Youth worker Pantelis Petsopoulos organised a workshop in Goumenissa about how to write an Erasmus+ Application related to Empowering Women.He used the Tree method and after the workshop we had 4 new project proposals which we will take into account for the future.

Attendees : 20 youngsters

On the 5th of August 2021, Alexandros Ispoglou , the project manager of Mediaterranea , organised a local event in which he talked about the values of Empowering Women. He mentioned methodologies that were extensively used at the Training of Trainers by Ira Topalli. Finally,  a lot of youngsters were interested in taking part in the upcoming youth  exchange in Thessaloniki.

Attendees : 15 youngsters

On the 10th of August , Manolis Felekidis, met with youngsters from the local community of Samos.He promoted the Erasmus+ Project and discussed together with the attendees about gender equality , abortion and the empowerment of women in politics.

Attendees : 7 youngsters

The local workshops helped our association to understand to a high extent the needs of the youngsters regarding the issues of gender equality , empowering women and use those experiences in order to organise a successful youth exchange in Thessaloniki. We are already preparing new applications based on the outcomes of the local workshops.      

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