Pay it forward : Dissemination

Our team took actively part in the youth exchange ‘Pay it forward’

Main aim of youth exchange ‘Pay it forward’ was to increase the knowledge of the participants in the field of project management and to support engagement of young people at local and

international level.

Participants from Sweden, Serbia, North Macedonia, Spain, Greece and Italy were gathered in Floda and through various non formal activities learned more about project writing, interacted in foreign language and had a chance to be introduced with Erasmus plus.

Project objectives

● to equip the participants of youth exchange by knowledge of Erasmus + Programme, KA 1,

especially of youth exchanges and solidarity projects;

● to increase the knowledge of the participants in the field of project management (project

management cycle of youth projects at international level and local projects);

● to support exchanging experiences between the participants in the field of project

management, implementing initiatives/ projects leading to positive changes in the society;

● to develop the participants competences needed to implement projects at local and

international level especially in the field of communication, problem solving, conflict


● to include young people coming from the participant’s communities into the project through

online sessions with aim to raise their interest in Erasmus + Programme and to support their

active participation in their societies;

● to create series of media products (videos, interviews, articles) encouraging young people to

be proactive, to address issues that matters to them and to get activate at local and international


● to develop digital competences of the participants needed to create and to share media

content (videos, articles);

● to provide the participants an space to develop their soft skills such as teamwork,

communication and problem solving in intercultural settings;

● to provide space for creating new project ideas supporting future cooperation of the participants of youth exchange.

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