Mediaterranea took part in the Digital Skills 4 Youth Employability YE

This project addresses few issues: the high levels of youth unemployment on one hand, and the low digital readiness of young people for the labor market on the other. It suggests that non-formal education can have a key role in offering young people a range of alternative and flexible learning paths to acquire digital skills. NGOs can also play a role in helping young people gain their first work experience.
We also want to address the employability issue because youth unemployment is one of key problems of today’s Europe. Many young people are searching for job opportunities and according to us providing them an opportunity to develop their capacities that they could use in the job seeking process is of great importance. The focus on digital competencies came up directly from young people involved in participating organizations. They expressed strong enthusiasm to develop their digital competencies and to gain more knowledge about effective use of digital tools in the job seeking process. Increasing young people’s digital skills cannot just
improve their employment opportunities but also raise innovation, productivity, and economic growth overall.
The main initiative behind youth exchange ‘Digital skills 4 youth employability’ is to increase digital competencies of young people including young people with fewer opportunities and to raise their chances at the labor market.

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