Mediaterranea took part in the Let’s Integrate YE

Integration is the art of uniting different things. It also ensures that all systems work together and in harmony to increase productivity and data consistency. The youth exchange that took place in the beautiful village of Milkow in Poland is a living example of this word. The project “Let’s Integrate” was the reason that people from Romania,Greece,Serbia and Italy gathered and had the chance to interact and have fruitful discussions. The workshops were done in a way where everyone had the chance to state their opinion and the environment was ideally for even people who weren’t as comfortable to get out their comfort zones and actually be active in the sessions.The workshops that were done were really informative about integration, the role of the EU citizen in the society and the impact an individual has in the world in general. Some other remarkable moments of the projects were the intercultural nights. Each night a country had the chance to present it’s own food, traditions, national heritage in a really fun way. This really helped the participants to get together, bond even more as a group and also learn more stuff about each others culture. They also had the chance to taste local Polish food and explore the magical nature of Polish wounds. It’s safe to say that this project was one to remember and the most beautiful part is that the youth exchange was the reason for many beautiful friendships to begin.

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