Mediaterranea took part in the Media Literacy Info Lab YE

From the 22nd to 30th of July, our delegation had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ program “Media Literacy Info Lab” in the lakeside city of Struga in North Macedonia along with 40 other participants from Serbia, Turkey, Romania and North Macedonia. Through collaboration and interactive activities, they got to learn about and understand the key aspects of Media Literacy, to discuss the differences around the topic between the different countries and to bond with people from around the world.

“For me this project was one of the best experiences of the summer. I got to make new friends, explore a new part of the world and at the same time think about aspects of the media that I didn’t have before. The feeling of getting out of an experience so much richer in memories, knowledge, maturity, and love is indescribable. I am really looking forward to my next participation in something similar and I will forever be grateful to the people that made this possible.” -Andriani

“Knowledge, landscapes, multicultural interactions, workshops, energizers and memorable nights on the beach with the best young European companions are very few, but extremely accurate words summarizing the Struga 2022 Erasmus+ project. I am sincerely grateful that as a first-timer I was eligible for this project, given the literal broadening of horizons, new friendships and cultural hindsight it has offered me.  As for the  frame topic of Media Literacy itself, it definitely  enabled us to cooperate and share our views on state applied policies and personally I feel I have gained a better perspective on the matter. I am very eager to motivate youngsters to participate in similar, well coordinated fun projects and work towards Erasmus+ visibility” -Alexandra

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