Mediaterranea took part in the Rural Boosters TC

Rural Booster is an action that is aiming in the creation of projects, companies, associations and initiatives in the rural areas, taking advantage of the local resources and avoiding the depopulation of the small villages. It’s a way to find the best ways and channels to transfer all the knowledge to young people of their rural areas. The training course that took place in the beautiful village of Mollina in Spain is a living example of this word.

The workshops were done in a way where participants trained in tools and methods to propose and promote the Youth entrepreneurship focused on sustainably exploiting rural areas in partner regions. We understood and worked on the concepts of social innovation, sustainability and digitization.

We learned how to apply them in ideas of entrepreneurship and make them economically profitable with a social value that makes a positive impact on their communities. It’s safe to say that this project was one to remember and I’m very grateful about this opportunity. Special thanks to Monika and Aitor that made it a reality.

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