about us


Mediaterranea is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 by 3  youngsters.Their aim was to get actively involved in improving and inspiring  the society with media.From this point , Mediaterranea was not anymore just an idea but a significant support to all those who want to step out of their comfort zone and improve this society.



Based in Thessaloniki, we took actively part  in various initiatives at local level.In cooperation with University of Macedonia , we promoted Erasmus+ and non-formal education.Moreover,we provided innovative digital literacy workshops in the local Roma Community working closely with Faros tou kosmou institution. Furthermore, we organized an exhibition after providing photo shooting lessons to refugees.Also we have connections with an ecological network in Thessaloniki, and are regularly doing activities together. For example, we have been providing voluntary media services to the GreenWave Festivals


On an international level, we have been active by working with several funds.Since February 2016 we are part of a project funded through EU/Turkey about promoting Civil Society Dialogue through Lifelong Learning and Media Literacy LEARNING MEDIA. In its course we participated in 4 international Training Courses, held 4 local workshops, produced 10 relevant videos and audiovisual material.


During 2016-2017 we hosted 120 Polish public sector workers that met and networked with other third sector actors in Thessaloniki through the Increasing Quality of Public Organizations project,  funded by the Polish Government.


In cooperation with University of Macedonia we organized in 2019  events in order to promote Erasmus+ and digital literacy.

Finally , in 2020 we are actively involved in empowering women through our participation in an KA2 Activity and we are planning to organize 2 international activities related to the inclusion of people who are stuttering.

In the above context , we are especially motivated to share our experience in promoting volunteer opportunities for young people and are keen to gain new insights from the other project partners – to use in our local work.

  • Our aims
    • contribute to the sensitization of our local community about
      current social issues
    • supporting self expression, civil participation and active
    • cultivating and promoting the values of social solidarity,
      acceptance non discrimination
    • supporting the right to lifelong learning and non formal
      education for youth and adults
    • promote European cooperation and mobility



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