our team

Alexandros Ispoglou

Alexandros Ispoglou is the current director of Mediaterranea.

He graduated from the department of applied informatics of University of Macedonia and has been beneficiary of Mediaterranea since April 2017. Under his management Mediaterranea established cooperation with important organizations and institutions while updating the organizations targets according to the needs of the local society of Thessaloniki .

With his project proposals he aims to the promotion of active citizenship , social dialogue and multiculturalism.

Alexandros participated in several project as an co-facilitator building with the time his own training methodology in the fields of media and structured dialogue.

Field of Interest : Media,Structured Dialogue,Digital Literacy,Marketing

Email me: alexispoglou@gmail.com

Athina Mourtiadou

Athina Mourtiadou, one of the initial founders and a member of Mediaterranea, has been an active volunteer
and youth worker through numerous civil society organisations in Thessaloniki since 2003, gaining
considerable experience in managing European youth projects and local youth groups.

She has worked for other big NGOs (Terre des hommes / Medecins du monde) and public and private bodies having developed strong organisational skills and PR experience.

Field of Interest : Media,Structured Dialogue,Digital Literacy,Refugees

Email me: athina1707@hotmail.com

Dimitris Anastasiadis

Dimitris Anastasiadis is an active youth worker and a core member of MediaTerraNea since 2018.

He holds a degree in Applied Informatics from the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki. He has worked as an education staff member in a Refugee Support Programme under the auspices of UNICEF, where he organized workshops, interactive activities and lessons, as he believes that progress comes by opening up our minds, sharing our thoughts and getting influenced by each other.

Dimitris has passion for Information Technology and he loves working within the framework of non-formal education. He believes that digital tools are essential for youngsters who want to grow professionally as entrepreneurs and for people who want to create new work opportunities for themselves and for others, thus contributing to the creation of a sustainable future.

Field of Interest : Media,Structured Dialogue,Digital Literacy,Refugees

Email me: dimitranastas@gmail.com

Pantelis Petsopoulos

Pantelis is an informatics students and an active youth-worker of Mediaterranea since 2019.

He is taking actively part in Mediaterraneas initiatives by leading sessions and coordinating teams of youngsters

His goal is to engage in social entrepreneurship and youth empowerment through non-formal education. He always thought of the formal education system as lacking and insufficient towards preparing youth for life. This gives him the drive and determination to reach a point in a personal capacity in which he’s able to help youth help themselves.

Moreover, he created Mediaterraneas promotional video spot

Field of Interest : Media,Digital Literacy

Email me: petpant@gmail.com