Empowering women!

Challenging traditional leadership – empowering women!

Challenging traditional leadership – empowering women! is a long term project proposed from 7 partners from EU and Western Balkan.

It is composed of activities aimed it raising the capacity building of partners and other stakeholders and mobilities that allow young people and youth workers to learn in an inter-cultural learning environment.


  1. Kick Off Meeting of Partners
  2. Training of Trainers “From Power over to power to-transformative leadership in a man’s world”
  3. Local Campaign “iLEAD for Equity”
  4. Youth Exchange “Youth leaders as change makers”
  5. Seminar

About the project :

The main aim of the project is to train and empower youth workers, youth leaders and young people advocate for transformational leadership while raising awareness about traditional gender roles with regards to the women empowerment. Our project shall address gender as an equality issue, with positive approach to diminish the
negative stereotypes and discrimination related to sex and/or gender and promote equity and collaborative leadership in society. This project focuses on putting the participants in a safe environment where they are given space, time, means and support to self-reflection, self-empowerment and improvement. Our project goes out of the feminism rhetoric, and seeks to approach gender as an equity issue and look closely to the “power over – power to- power with” approaches that go in line very well to traditional leadership and gender discrimination in today’s society. By bringing youth in a position to analyze and critically think on the topics we aim at allowing and supporting them to create their own opining and responsibility for their future actions.

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